Safety Diving


Starting a Dive takes place in the planning process. One of the most important tasks are to assure that your diving equipment is in proper working condition. From your, BCD, to your Fin straps, properly check all gear before entering the water.

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A Diver's Diet


Nutritional Recommendations and Optimal Health For Scuba Divers  ~ Dr. C. Bell-Biggins

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Diving Etiquette


We've all experienced that diver that has yet to understanding the importance of water safety and marine conservation.  However, there are things you can do to safeguard yourself from such behavior. 

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Monthly Meetings


Every Third Saturday, Nubian has a club meeting at  the Gregory School, 1300 Victor St., Houston, TX  77019,  where we discuss "Dive stuff", Outreach, and Plan dive trips. 

New Member Spotlight


 Nubians let’s welcome our newest members.... The Joseph family! This is their intro to scuba  Diving!

Discover Historical Truths


 Celso, Cezar and Chafim - the 3Cs - young Mozambican archaeologists on the #slavewrecks project team, working to preserve the sunken slave ship heritage of Mozambique Island.  

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