Houston participants of the 2012 NABS YES Youth Summit:
June 3 - 9, 2012

Tyler Micheaux

Hello everyone! I regret that I am unable to attend the NABS meeting but thought I would share my experience with everyone.

The “NABS” experience was quite amazing. I must admit that when my parents talk with me about the adventure, I thought ohhh brother, they are sending me away to another boring camp. Man, was I surprised!!!! It was totally the opposite of what I had anticipated.

I was very nervous on the first day when we arrived. We had to introduce ourselves and I so happen to come in at the end of the introductions so I was definitely caught off guard. Nevertheless, after that was over I felt like I was amongst my peers.

Being a part of NABS this summer taught me so much. Preserving nature and how the animals live is very important. One of my greatest experiences was visiting the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. To me it was a life changing experience that I will share with others. After returning home, I mentioned to my parents that I would love to be a part of NABS.

Attending the NABS camp not only taught me things about the diving and animals, but it also introduce me to new friends.

Lastly, I cannot say “thank you” enough to the wonderful staff that help to make our week a successful one. Ms. Monica, and Mr. Ken………much appreciation to you all. You all are amazing and to Ms. Michelle………Kuddos to you. You are so Awesome! My sister and I get sad every time we talk about the trip because we enjoyed it so much. I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to attend the camp. I hope I made you proud.

Hope to see you next year……Tyler

Taylor Micheaux

Hi, my name Taylor Micheaux and I will be talking about NABS. First of all I would like to thank the Nubian Club, second of all I would like to thank LaTonya Nelson and Ms. Annette Meyers for helping me get in at the last minute. Even though Mr. Stewart is not here I would to also thank him for being stern but very nice to us. He would make me giggle a lot but sometimes I had to be serious with him because he did not play.

Some of the things we did were visiting the battle ship, we took plants out of the pond and we replanted them. We also went to the beach to learn how to surf. We don’t have enough time to talk about all of my experiences. The battle ship was super fun. We did a treasure hunt and took lots of pictures. When we replanted the plants it required lots of team work. I learned to use a very large shovel and how to walk in big boots used walk in water. When I went to the beach they were telling us to exercise if you wanted to surf because it was very strenuous. You had to peddle when you see the waves coming and when you think the wave is there you would have to kneel on the foot they pushed you on to surf.

When I think about NABS it makes me want to cry because I also think about kids that did not have the opportunity to explore what we did. My brother and I met so many friends that are forever and we enjoyed ourselves and hopefully we can go next year.

David Brown

David gave a very nice heartfelt speach at the club meeting.